Ambitious Producer ‘Aech_Rom’ Sedates and Stimulates


Thomas J. Rubeli, a.k.a. Aech_Rom, is a relatively unknown producer from Switzerland who makes beautiful and inspired electronic music.  Although one might be inclined to label Aech_Rom as Drum & Bass or IDM, these labels are merely part of the equation when considering his genre.

It is difficult to place Aech_Rom’s music into one specific genre. His styles range from Glitch to Ambient, IDM, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Drill & Bass, Experimental, and even Chiptune. Certainly, Rubeli’s style is derived from similarly varied artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre, or Squarepusher but Rubeli does not blatantly mimic these artists.

No, in fact, he creates a unique atmosphere that surrounds his music and somehow captures both the serene and the chaotic. Rubeli’s take on a sound that could potentially sound dated or unoriginal is instead quite refreshing and modernized.

Aech_Rom’s latest release Llen Part 1: LN47 Arrival (out now for free download on Complex Sound Sagacity) gives sufficient proof that Rubeli has a seat reserved for him in ‘Electronica Heaven’…right next to Richard D. James.

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