Apocalyptic Retro Rave from Enigmatic DJ/Producer LIL INTERNET


Back in June, our very own DJ Cal posted the video for Dillon Francis and Diplo’s “Que! Que!”. Y’all remember this?  The one with the dancing twelve year olds and the 90s-style clip art graphics. (If not, click here) Anyway,  this hilariously outrageous video was directed by none other than LIL INTERNET! LIL INTERNET, formerly known as RedFoxx, is the pseudonym of the ALL CAPS-loving, cheap 90’s animation aficionado Julian ‘Haterskeeptalkinumakinmefamous’ Foxworth (as he’s known on Facebook). Foxworth’s days are spent working as the senior director and editor of  the trendy website karmalooptv.com, but when the sun goes down he transforms into super DJ LIL INTERNET!

LIL INTERNET makes music for the end of the world.  His throbbing, coked-out  club anthems are the perfect soundtrack to your wild 2012 apocalypse rave party. So, it makes perfect sense that LIL INTERNET samples Britney Spears’ “Til’ the World Ends” on his blissed-out track titled “BRITNEY SPEARS ILLUMINATI GLITCH”. The four tracks posted on LIL INTERNET’s soundcloud exhibit Foxworth’s affinity for 90’s rave culture, moombahthon  riddims, and cocaine (listen to “DMXICO [MASTER]” and you will see what I mean). LIL INTERNET’s musical style follows in the same vein as fellow rave revivalists Pictureplane and Modern Witch. Foxworth’s personal aesthetic could be attributed to the whole “witch-house” genre but even so, LIL INTERNET stands alone.  Here’s some words of wisdom from the man himself: “If we took all the gun powder out of every bullet and bomb we could have fireworks every night.” true dat LIL INTERNET…true dat. (quote via antennamag)

Original post: http://salacioussound.com/2011/07/apocalyptic-retro-rave-from-enigmatic-djproducer-lil-internet/.

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