Listen to ‘Kitsch Genius’, the New EP from Ryan Hemsworth


Still riding the success of last year’s magnificent LP ‘No Plans‘, Halifax native and progressive hip-hop producer Ryan Hemsworth has generously released upon us a brand new EP entitled ‘Kitsch Genius‘.

2011 was a big year for Mr. Hemsworth to say the least. He produced several tracks for the up-and-coming Green Ova rapper Shady Blaze, remixed the legendary ‘BasedGod’, and his instrumental LP ‘No Plans‘ even earned him a spot on Spin Magazine’s 20 Best R&B Albums of 2011 Feature (It’s described as electro-soul with an 8-bit Castlevania twist).

With the release of this new EP, 2012 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year forHemsworth, quite possibly even more so than 2011. ‘Kitsch Genius‘ is a remarkable step forward for Hemsworth and his distinguished avant-hip hop production.

“Gucci Anthem” enters into some new territory with its house-like piano loop and stuttering beat centred around a Gucci Mane vocal sample. Similarly, “Faith In Something” lays a wash of gauzy synths overtop a Rick Ross vocal sample. It all makes for an intriguing listen and an oddly fascinating contrast between delicate kitsch and hip-hop swagger. As far as I’m concerned, Ryan Hemsworth is making some of the most innovative hip-hop this side of Clams Casino.

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