Massive New Moombahton Track from Diplo


Diplo’s new track “Horsey” will be featured on the Mad Decent Volume 1 Compilation album which also features songs from fellow “Moombahthon-er” Dillon Francis and “Dubstep-er” Rusko. It kinda sounds to me like this year’s “Pon de Floor”. It’s definitely one colossus of a track, that’s for sure. All the classic Diplo staples are present: rattling snare drum, sped up vocal samples, and a pounding rhythm. Essentially the exact opposite of Washed Out. This is great music for drunk people, people who like to party and/or people who like to get drunk and party.

The Mad Decent Vol. 1 Compilation is available now exclusively on:

“Gonna ride the Horsey all night” – Diplo

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