PREMIERE: Amismyk – s/t

The elusive producer turned K-rapper releases his debut mini-album worldwide.


The artist known as Amismyk has traversed through many different genres, projects and locales to get to where he is now. The name Amismyk is actually an anagram of Sima Kim, the composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from South Korea by way of Amsterdam. Kim previously worked under his own name, releasing several  records that spanned the sounds of chillwave, ambient/neo-classical, electronica and noise/drone.

With his latest project as Amismyk, Kim has fully transformed himself into a rapper. Amismyk arrives as a bold statement of Kim’s new identity, featuring slick but moody hip-hop production and Kim’s laidback, sing-rap flow. Tracks like “Be My Babe” and “Win Me” are undeniable, straightforward pop-rap singles while “My B***h Kills All” and “If You Feel Like Me” tend more towards club/electronica-infused hip-hop. Elsewhere, Kim ventures into emo-rap territory on the melancholic, guitar-driven “NO LUV NO MO” and effervescent, mumble rap on the Le Makeup-produced closer “Flatearth.”

Today, we are premiering the visual album created by Anni Laser in collaboration with Sima Kim. The album is out now worldwide via Meowww. Stream/purchase it here.

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