Shigeto – Children At Night (Saturn Never Sleeps Remix)


Ghostly International just dropped a brand new Saturn Never Sleeps remix of Shigeto’s “Children At Midnight”. The original track by Shigeto, titled “Children at Midnight”, clocks in at a brief 2:34 while Saturn Never Sleeps’ rendition wraps up at the 8-minute mark. Some aspects of the original are preserved like the soft snare brushes and piano flourishes. However, Saturn Never Sleeps extend the jazzy intro and adds the angelic strum of a harp and a cascading synth line into the mix. The layers of instrumentation and synthesizer create a lush, cosmic atmosphere. At approximately the 4:40 mark the beat kicks in blending with the ambient sound textures perfectly. This is what I like to call a “feather drop”, similar to a “drop” in dubstep only much more gradual and relaxing. When the beat fades in and melds with the music perfectly it’s almost like a feather floating to the ground, gliding back and forth, before it lands smoothly on the earth below. Cheesy? Maybe so, but this remix is the furthest thing from cheesy! I’d say it’s more creamy…? Either way give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

Saturn Never Sleeps is music producer King Britt and singer/artist Rucyl. They are from Philadelphia. Check them out on:

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