Slugabed “Rides the Moonbeams” On New EP + Video


Brighton, UK beatmaker Slugabed just released a kaleidoscopic new video to accompany his latest EP on Ninja Tune titled “Moonbeam Rider.” This EP is yet another in a slew of fantastic releases from Ninja Tune this year.  (Check Dorian Concept or Floating Points for starters) Slugabed is known for his melding of West Coast Dilla-esque hip-hop beats and UK bass music. This is a major release for “Slugga” as he is beginning to make a name for himself amongst the disciples of the bass-heavy, post-dubstep genre. “Moonbeam Rider” perfects Slugabed’s cosmic beats and pushes him in a direction similar to such dubstep pioneers as Flying Lotus or Hudson Mohawke. 2011 is bound to be a big year for Slugabed and the entire Ninja Tune crew.  So, listen up because “Slugga” is about to take you for a journey through interstellar space.

“Moonbeam Rider” is available on the Ninja Tune website for purchase.

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