VIDEO PREMIERE: Diaphonized Animals – Postecdysis Hunger

The cryptic Spanish artist releases a new video to accompany a track from their upcoming album on Most Dismal Swamp.


Diaphonized Animals is the decidedly ‘br00tal’ side project of an enigmatic artist who also records under the moniker Æthereal Arthropod. Followers of the niche net-label Quantum Natives or Czech tape label Genot Centre will recognize their beguiling, microbiological-themed releases Swarm and Opilio, respectively. 

Breaking from their usual cycles of output, Æthereal Arthropod mutates into a wholly other beast for a brand new full-length release as Diaphonized Animals due out July 30 via the experimental art/music platform Most Dismal Swamp. Entitled Postecdysis Hunger, the album takes a turn from the dissonant insect noise of the Æthereal Arthropod project into new realms of dissonance more in line with free-form, percussion-less death metal. Guttural growls and grunts besmirch a gnarled sonic landscape rife with power chords and doom riffs. Without drums to anchor the mix, the listener is made to feel awash in a lurching sea of blackened sludge.

Today, we premiere the video for the title track, which provides a visual representation of Diaphonized Animals’ miasma: bleak inverted landscapes, oozing fleshy surfaces and corpse-littered seashores.

Postecdysis Hunger is out 30/07/21 on Most Dismal Swamp.

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