The Brazilian experimental producer releases a video for a track from their new album "exostrata."


Most Dismal Swamp is a UK-based cross-disciplinary art platform curating immersive, mixed-reality audiovisual work. Following their recent virtual exhibition, The Dismal Sessions 01-021, MDS have extended their tendrils into the world of experimental music, assuming the role of record label to release a new album from Brazilian producer I.C.G.

Entitled exostrata, the album feels very much part of the MDS universe with its gnarled and abstracted soundscape that takes cues from sci-fi film scores and the darker end of the club music spectrum. Today, we premiere the video for the track “Alioth,” a foreboding, drone-suffused cut that features intricate drum-work. The accompanying visuals are framed from a first-person POV as they explore an uninhabited, alien landscape. Gamers may be reminded of sci-fi classics Metroid Prime or Dead Space (minus the jump scares). Either way, the visuals produce an environment that enhances the track’s atmosphere, plunging the listener/viewer into uncharted territory.

exostrata is out now on Most Dismal Swamp. Stream/purchase it here.

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