VIDEO PREMIERE: Leucrocuta – Don’t Resist

The Toronto-based minimal wave artist releases a video for a track from her new album "how I touched it last."


Toronto’s Leucrocuta has always been highly intentional in her approach to songwriting and production. On all three of her full-length releases, she posits a theme and explores it throughout the album, sometimes overtly and other times, covertly. On her debut when all the animals are deadDIY electronics provide the setting for ruminations on space travel, dreams and mass extinction. Follow-up exorcizes in loneliness deals with the insidious, alienating aspects of musicianship over crystalline, synth-wave soundscapes.

Leucrocuta’s latest album, how i touched it lastis perhaps her most immediate and thematically unified release to date. With biting sarcasm, Leucrocuta delivers spoken and sung commentary on gender-based violence, surveillance and late-stage capitalism. Complemented by mechanistic drum programming, vocoder FX and retro-tinged, minimal synth patterns, the veiled messages of how I touched it last cut deep.

Today, we premiere the video for “Don’t Resist,” a satirical techno-pop take on contemporary consumerism and neo-liberal feminist ideologies. Over squelching synths and propulsive percussion, Leucrocuta repeats the mantra “Don’t resist just buy it…girl you deserve it” before exclaiming “let’s go shopping!” The sinister undertones of the track reveal the lie – material consumption under the guise of feminine self-care. The video, shot by Heather Rappard with animations from Julie Reich, provide an aesthetic dimension to this sociopolitical critique.

Layers of symbolism inform the visuals, from 3D renderings of arcane objects and banknotes to disembodied hands. Adorned in glittery gold body paint and a voluminous white wig, Leucrocuta indoctrinates the viewer with convincing sneers of menace. Just try to resist.

how i touched it last is out now on Kentron Records. Stream/purchase it here.

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