Désiré: A French Revolutionary (de)forming Club Music’s Affectivity


Paris’ Désiré is an artist/beat-maker whose music is a skillful alchemy blending noise and jungle with ‘cloud(t)rap’ and tripped-out remixing. As co-founder of French label House Plants Records, artist collective Euphônia, and releasing music under numerous alias, Désiré casts light into the cracks of today’s underground electronic music scene under a shroud of distortion and anonymity.


What is your musical background? How did you get into electronic music production?

I’ve been digging and collecting music since childhood. I bought my first record when I was seven or eight. When I was four years old my father took me to the first Techno Parade in Paris in ’98, carrying me around on his shoulders. He would play me lots of French electronic, cold wave, and of course Daft Punk too. When I was 16 I bought my first groovebox, a Roland MC303 from ’96 and was composing more House/Techno with a friend. After two years I realized and decided that producing music is what I want to do for life.

What is your experience of the French experimental music scene and what made you want to come perform in Canada?

I lived in Toulouse for two years and I met a crew there called Folklore organizing (underground) parties in warehouses with heavy soundsystems, and a wide range of electronic music such as: Disco, UK Garage, Techno, Dub, Dubstep, Grime, Jungle, etc.

Last summer I went to a festival in Bretagne called Missing Numero run by Outreglot Collective and discovered lots of experimental music, which gave me plenty of inspiration. I met lots of people there, one of them being Vincent a.k.a. Così e Così, who I’ve put on shows for and toured with in the Balkans. He invited me to Canada to perform at Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal, which brings me to Canada for the first time.

You recently released a Rabit remix, what is it about his music that interests/inspires you?

I discovered Rabit (through) the experimental grime scene (Boxed London, Halcyon Veil, NON Worldwide, Different Circles, etc). I really like the way he deconstructs rhythm and the harsh sounds he uses in his tracks. I’m happy to share the stage with him!


Photo Credit:  Flavien Prioreau

Bio Credit: No Exist

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