PREMIERE: ava* – Return to Shore

The Berlin-based artist releases the first single from her forthcoming EP for Belgium label Slagwerk.


The Berlin-based artist known as ava* is prepping a new release for the Belgium-based label Slagwerk. The follow-up to blush, her 2019 release on Absurd Trax, Angels in the Sand is a deeply personal record that pays tribute to ava*’s childhood memories of the shoreline.

Indeed, the record conveys a “coastal ambient” aura that calls to mind the halcyon days of youth. On “Return to Shore,” ava* traces circles in the sand as waves of misty synth and rhythmic detritus wash up at her feet. At the heart of the track is a deep sense of contemplative longing and wistful escapism that strikes a chord in times of isolation.

ava* may have composed this record through the lens of personal memories but the emotive qualities of her productions channel mental states and imagery we can all relate to.

Angels in the Sand is out 05/02/21 on Slagwerk.

Artwork: Amal Guichard

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