PREMIERE: Axine M – sᑦ⍺? (s⍺??Ơ?〕(Speaker Music Remix)

NYC-based producer & media theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr. remixes a track from Axine M under his Speaker Music alias.


The NYC-based experimental producer Axine M has enlisted 5 producers to contribute remixes of tracks from their wonderfully wonky 2020 release ꔠ⍺Ⴎ?τ?ḋ ϦƠḋ? ³³³. While several of those producers have yet to be identified, today we have the honour of premiering Speaker Music’s take on “sᑦ⍺? (s⍺??Ơ?〕.”

The NYC-based media theorist, producer and representative of the ‘Make Techno Black Again’ campaign (real name: DeForrest Brown, Jr.) invokes the skittering drum programming heard on last year’s masterwork Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry, over-laying the deconstructed pop forms of Axine M’s original with sudden bass jolts and jittery clicks. Listen in full below.

HAUNT3D BODY R3MIX3S will be self-released 05/05/21 via Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to For the Gworls, a rent & medical fund for Black trans people. Click here for more info.


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