PREMIERE: Concrete Fantasies – Demiurge

The Madrid-based ambient producer releases a track from his forthcoming mini-album for Portuguese label Eastern Nurseries.


In the age of the Anthropocene, Earth’s patience wears thin. Humankind’s insatiable desire for more has resulted in the demise of the natural environment. A “crisis of overproduction” pervades the many levels of human achievement in contemporary life, making it imperative that we mitigate our collective impact on the planet.

On his forthcoming mini-album, Abundance at the Expense of Life, Spanish producer Concrete Fantasies contemplates the crisis of overproduction over the course of five interconnected ambient works. Out July 24th on the Portuguese boutique tape label Eastern Nurseries, the release offers sanctuary to those burdened by the weight of the past and present. As the press release reads, “a deep sense of nostalgia for the future is not unromantic, but a replica of the past.” This seems to imply that the idealization of the future is but an imaginary figment of past generations – realism is the only way forward. Concrete Fantasies embraces this notion throughout the album with fleeting samples and subtly dynamic synth arrangements that awaken the listener to the potentiality of the present.

Today, we premiere “Demiurge,” a textured, dream-like track that pairs resonant bass guitar tones with poignant synth patterns. There is a rich, animate quality to Concrete Fantasies’ production here that beams through the speakers. Like the Platonic “Demiurge,” Concrete Fantasies emanates forth a flow of radiant, vibrational energy – a masterful artisan of sound and atmosphere.

Abundance at the Expense of Life is out 24/07/20 in digital and ltd. cassette formats on Eastern Nurseries. Pre-order it here.

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