The Oakland-based artist and London, UK-based producer release a new track from their forthcoming collaborative EP.


Mexico City hybrid-club label Infinite Machine have brought together London, UK-based DJ/producer ENDGAME and Oakland, CA-based producer/vocalist DÆMON for a collaborative EP entitled DXE. The two artists find common ground in the no-man’s land of de-territorialized club wreckage. Across five tracks, ENDGAME deploys industrialized broken beat riddims while DÆMON delivers veiled spoken word and pseudo sing-rap narration.

On “Caged,” DÆMON yearns for liberation, crooning “tryna break out this cage I’m in” over ENDGAME’s darkcore dembow production. A sense of urgency permeates the mix – pulsing rhythms and shimmering synth arpeggio underscoring DÆMON’s dancehall-tinted flow. “Caged” demonstrates an act of sonic resistance – a call for emancipation from the structures of sociopolitical violence that pervade contemporary human life.

DXE is out 30/10/20 on Infinite Machine. Pre-order it here.


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