PREMIERE: Diessa – Fall (Video)

UK label Hi-NRG releases a video to accompany the newly released EP from left-field jungle producer Diessa.


Following a two year hiatus, Hi-NRG, the UK-based label run by RinseFM resident furious styles, is back with a new release from the Sheffield-based, non-binary producer Diessa. The self-titled EP, released this past Saturday, features several rhythm-focused cuts that toe the lines between jungle, broken beat, footwork and club. One of such cuts is “Fall,” a hard-hitting, percussive workout which sees Diessa underscoring a syncopated vocal sample with deep, cavernous bass and furious breaks.

“Fall” comes complete with a visual accompaniment, created by digital artist phhhyu. The frenetic energy of the track is enhanced by collage imagery that moves in tandem with Diessa’s jungle-centric rhythms. A variety of external sources make up the chaotic, cut-and-paste effect of the video, including, but not limited to, parts of the movie Stalker, a segment on miners in Ukraine from Workingman’s Death, footage of body casts in a Pompeii exhibit, a corrupted cut-scene from Bayonetta 2 and the alternate ending to Demon Souls. Watch it below:

The Diessa EP is out now on Hi-NRG. Stream/purchase it here.

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