PREMIERE: Forces – World Is Going To Burn [G&P012]

Czech label Gin & Platonic releases new single from the Finnish producer's forthcoming LP.


With their latest album Epoch, out March 22 on Czech label Gin & Platonic, Finnish producer Forces absorbs our current reality and spits back a glut of data, anxiety and stimulation. ‘Epoch’ was created in 2019 but feels highly prescient of our current dystopic reality. The artist explains the release as “the epoch of uncertainties; of shifting and unreliable narratives, of rising temperatures and sea levels, of growing economic inequality, of increasing political polarization and far-right influence.” If we listen to Epoch with an ear to the ground, one can hear the coming hysteria, fear and paranoia.

“World is Going to Burn” garbles field recordings of bird calls with abstracted noise and vocaloid phrasings to suggest an indecipherable truth. We are at once enmeshed within a chaotic and catastrophic present, yet how will it unfold? Will the world burn or will it outlive its due date? Stream “World Is Going to Burn”below.

Epoch is out via Gin & Platonic March 22. Pre-order it here.

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