PREMIERE: Kelvin T – Jungs Jungle

Hong Kong's club wunderkind releases a new single from his new album for Absurd Trax.


As the music platform economy continues to erode the role of labels and curators, it is becoming increasingly difficult for taste-makers across the globe to claim a niche sound and garner a stable following. However, there are many labels and collectives fighting the tide, honing their artistic vision and actively proving that there is still great value in the curation and documentation of singular music scenes. A prime example of this is Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX, a label and network who are steadily solidifying their voice in the international electronic music underground through immersive live showcases and eclectic releases.

Following a busy January that saw the label make debut showcases in Berlin and London, Absurd TRAX are set to release their first album of 2020: Kelvin T‘s Aerate. This will be second full-length release for the young producer on Absurd, fully establishing him as the label’s ‘secret weapon.’ Kelvin’s last release Unlock Voice exemplified a cathartic release of internal energy in the form of heavy bass percussion and general club cacophony. With Aerate, the producer has found a new sonic palette, taking inspiration from psychedelic substances. The tracks on Aerate are intended to be consumed like substances that transport the listener into a state of “headbanging relaxation,” as Kelvin describes it.

One such track is “Jungs Jungle,” a primal club exploration that features distorted digeridoo FX, mantra-like vocal chants and Kelvin’s signature vacuum-sealed bass kicks. If “Jungs Jungle” were a mind-altering substance, it would probably be ayahuasca. Consume at your own risk.

Aerate is out  2/28/20 on Absurd TRAX. Pre-order here.

All music produced, performed and mixed by Kelvin T
Track 5 features 柒羊
Mastering by Nerve
Artwork by yaya mimi

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