The Italian producer releases a new EP for Barcelona label Angoisse.


Barcelona’s Angoisse is an independent label that specializes in a niche style of electronica that skirts the edges of ambient, musique concrète, noise, and left-field club music. While early Angoisse releases tended more towards the formerly mentioned genres, recently, their scope has landed within the spectrum of contemporary club music.

In fact, their latest release comes from an artist who just released a mix for Boiler Room’s ‘Hard Dance’ series. Following last year’s Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing., the Italian producer Mace. returns to Angoisse for a second release, entitled Exor. Featuring remixes from artists Corin and CVN, Exor delves into the dark recesses of experimental electronica, blending cinematic soundscapes with rubbery basslines, distorted vocal samples and cavernous drums. According to legend, Mace. has a degree in International Finance and channels his understanding of world economics and its effects on human life through the lens of warped and dystopic experimental music.

With Exor, Mace. examines the effects of finite economic growth and the absurd results of a capital-driven system, asking us to consider a “financial astrologer, a professional investor and a five year old child investing £5,000 on the FTSE100.” Exor represents the extrinsic layer of the surplus of our consumption. A continual regeneration of waste. As Mace. puts it, “Exor is space debris, garbage that reproduces itself, debt’s otherworldly violence. Exor is the five year old child earning the most.”

Stream Exor above and purchase it via Angoisse’s Bandcamp here.

All tracks written & produced by Mace.
Mastered by Adam Jankowski
Render and layout design by David M. Romero.


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