PREMIERE: Netsh – Reminiscence Is Catharsis

The emerging club producer releases a single from their upcoming album for Comic Sans Records.


Netsh is dead, long live Netsh!” begins the press release for Cyberbass Transmission, the newest EP from the young, French-Swiss producer, out soon on Comic Sans Records. Has Netsh superseded himself, resurrected as some kind of transhuman entity? This, we wonder as the album plays out, framed by a consideration of the role of technology in human life. What we gather is that the future dreamed-of by Netsh is not an easy one.

Earlier this week we heard “We Are Artifical Intelligences.” Today, we premiere “Reminiscence is Catharsis” which sits softly in the middle of the album, surrounded by tracks with more frantic percussive elements. Here, percussion skitters gently across a track that is propelled by nostalgic keys. At points a kickdrum reminiscent of the 909 of hardcore rings out, its sharpness muted sentimentally. Bliss out to the track below as you contemplate on the role of memory in a transhuman future.

by Sam Mulholland.

Cyberbass Transmission is out 10/04/20 on Comic Sans Records. Pre-order it here.

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