PREMIERE: Romance Relic – Through a Passion Meltdown ✿

The new Copenhagen-based label Katharsis releases a track from their forthcoming "Flow of Water" compilation.


The Danish producer jjjacob has a strong sense of music’s capacity for healing and emotional release, perhaps more than most people. Two years ago, we interviewed jjjacob and he related to us how music production helped him recover from brain trauma. jjjacob has come a long way since then and with several solid releases under his belt, he has taken it upon himself to curate a new label, aptly named Katharsis. With Katharsis, jjjacob’s focus is on “emotionally charged music” and he plans to inaugurate the label with the staggered release of an ambitious compilation trilogy, featuring music from 30 different artists originating from all different parts of the globe.

The first installment in the Katharsis compilation trilogy is titled The Flow of Water and is set to be released on May 21. The album features 10 tracks that explore emotional depths through ambient, drone, and abstract electronica styles. Today, we premiere the track “Through a Passion Meltdown ✿” from the Finnish artist Romance Relic. The track fades in with atmospheric drones and high-frequency strings that Romance Relic weaves together with distorted field recordings. Gradually, a cerebral synth motif works its way into the mix and delicate vocal fragments emerge, only to evaporate into thin air when punctuated by a forceful bass implosion. Romance Relic expertly blends different sonic textures, producing a deeply emotional track that takes the listener through the phases of a ‘passion meltdown.’

The Flow of Water is out 21/05/20 on Katharsis. Pre-order it here.

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