PREMIERE: Zachary Gray – Hustle Movement EP


Today, SBVRSV’s resident producer Zachary Gray unveils the follow-up to his awe-inspiring Night Hustle LP. We are proud to present Hustle Movement, a collection of b-sides and remixes taken from the Night Hustle sessions. The EP acts as an epilogue to the LP’s sketches of “dusky expanses” and gritty, concrete jungles. The opening track “Polychroma” leads us out of the twilight into the swirling aurora of daybreak and the path ahead rises into view as “1978 (’82)” unfolds.

As the saying goes, “with each new day comes new strength” and this is truly felt on “Make a Move” with its radiant flute-like pads, plinking perucssion and pitch-shifted vocal accents. Zach’s production has a refreshingly crisp quality here that carries over into “Nantucket” and “Wake Up”, two short but effective tracks that invigorate like a breath of fresh morning air.

The album’s latter half is made up of some top-notch remixes from a selection of like-minded artists. Andrew of Wormwood delivers a short, whimsical, glitch-y rework of “Gaspé” while the Ottawa-based artist intangerines transforms “Parc National” into a free-form, ambient drone-inspired collage of sounds. The Nevada-based footwork mastermind ghostwerk contributes the toughest mix of the bunch with his unrelenting rhythmic re-work of “Make Time.” It sits well next to the bass-heavy, 2-step O’Haara layers over “Leave.”

The final two remixes come courtesy of breakcore legend ilkae and the London, ON-based neo-classical ambient duo Wormwood, both beautiful re-imaginings that pluck at the heartstrings. Instead of the usual glitch-y IDM ilkae is known for, he takes an approach not far from ‘folktronica’ here, heightening the track’s acoustic feel, making a moving pastoral portrait out of “Parc National.”  The album closes on a majestic note with an utterly gorgeous 7-minute atmospheric remix of “Gaspé” from the ever-ambitious Wormwood. The addition of classical piano flourishes, strings and washes of serene vocal harmonies breathes new life into the track and provides a reassuring sense of closure to the journey of Night Hustle.

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