PREMIERE: Zgjim – Wronged

The global club collective Classical Trax release a preview track from their forthcoming compilation series.


Classical Trax is a non-localized club music collective supporting a diverse range of producers from all over the world. They have gained notoriety for their regular mix series and ambitious compilation releases. Back in 2015, they released the 26-track Architecture compilation featuring grime-inspired cuts from artists such as City, Morten_HD, Snowy Beatz, Loyalty XIX and Zgjim. The release garnered attention from FactMag and ultimately proved to be a success, as it remains one of the label’s most popular releases to this day.

5 years have passed since the initial release of Architecture and it’s definitely been a long time coming but Classical Trax have finally announced a reboot of the compilation series, entitled Architecture 2.0. This release outdoes its predecessor in terms of sheer size, boasting a hefty 65 tracks spread out over three ‘chapters’ to be released June 17, 18 & 19th.

A plethora of producers contributed to the release, including both newcomers and veterans of the CT family. One of the latter is Kosovo via Amsterdam-based producer Zgjim. He contributed a track to the original Architecture release, entitled “Bae.” Listening back, it’s interesting to hear how Zgjim has developed his production style while maintaining its core elements. On “Wronged,” Zgjim’s new track for Architecture 2.0, he blends and syncopates vocal samples with deep sub-bass, 2-step rhythms and icy synth patterns. Stylistically, it fits within the parameters of instrumental grime or bass music. While that style was somewhat more prominent in 2015, it’s satisfying to hear a modern update that doesn’t stray too far from the original sound.

Architecture 2.0: Chapter 3 is out tomorrow with the subsequent two chapters arriving June 18th and 19th.

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