Zachary Gray – Night Hustle


SBVRSV Press is proud to announce that we are the official press representatives of Zachary Gray’s “Night Hustle” LP (released via A Person Disguised as People). This is the first official SBVRSV-endorsed release and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the ‘subverse’.

For those unfamiliar with Zachary Gray, he is a nomadic soul who has spent time living in Montreal, Toronto, and Reykjavik but now calls London, Ontario home. His music encapsulates a sense of roaming wonder that only long nights spent on the road can inspire. With “Night Hustle”, Gray conjures vivid pictures of noir landscapes using a palette of reverb-soaked ambient textures, ornate IDM percussion, and moody, lo-fi synth leads. The gritty streets and luminescent backdrop of a city cloaked in twilight come to life as the album unfolds. Gray invokes feelings of awe, reverie and pensive isolation that one tends to experience in a foreign, metropolitan setting. “Night Hustle” is an ode to those swallowed up in the dusky expanse of city life, striving to withstand the sense that their life is but an insignificant speck in a boundless universe.

Night Hustle is now available to stream/download via all major music streaming services.

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