10 Bandcamp Releases to Buy Today in Support of the ACLU


God bless Bandcamp. Today, the beloved DIY-empowering online music database is donating 100% of their profit share to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) for any and every purchase made on the site. The ACLU will be using the money to combat Donald Trump’s immigration ban and its infringements on the rights of American immigrants and refugees. Seeing as much of our favourite music here at SBVRSV is released through Bandcamp, we thought we’d collect a few choice selections and make some purchases in a show of support for the many families and fellow immigrants being disallowed basic human rights.

Zachary Gray – Night Hustle (via A Person Disguised As People)

YlangYlang – Life Without Structure (via Crash Symbols)

VINCENT VAN HOGH – Thrift Store Vinyl Hotshot (via Museum of Skin)

PERSONS – s/t (via HAVNrecords)

Stabscotch – Uncanny Valley (via Visual Disturbances)

CARES – Who Else Are You (via Collusion Records)

Eytan Tobin – EMO EDITS (self-released)

E-Saggila – Received Instruction (via Summer Isle)

Various Artists – Dream Disc: Vol. II (via Dream Disk Lab)

m a l i b l u e : ( – just end it ✓✓✓ (via Adhesive Sounds)

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