E-Saggila: A Covert Forerunner of Toronto’s Techno Underground

E-Saggila needs little introduction. Over the course of a few years, the Toronto-based noise/industrial techno producer has quietly gained a large following…

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Félix Pierrot: A French Revolutionary (de)forming Club Music’s Affectivity

Paris’ Félix Pierrot is an artist/beat-maker whose music is a skillful alchemy blending noise and jungle with ‘cloud(t)rap’ and tripped-out remixing….

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Hexzuul: A Mystic Harbinger of Doom & Decay

Hexzuul is the doom/power electronics project of David Jones (Manticore, ex-Bile Sister). Dark, swampy sounds meet with industrial rhythms and diamond-sharp…

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SBVRSV x Museum of Skin Showcase Teaser

The time draws nigh for inculcation of the SBVRSV platform via liberation of digital realities. A showcase of fleshly talents are set to…

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CARES – Coping Strategies

In a high-rise somewhere far removed from the matrix of psychosocial disarray, a man reclines on a chaise longue. The door locks…

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Brigitte Bardon’t Speaks Your Language

An auditory challenge is contained within the depths of a Brigitte Bardon’t recording. Through waves of radio static or submerged drones, familiar…

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High In Las Vegas – To Live and High In Las Vegas

Flying high above the strip, we are immortal. Limitless possibility becomes real as implanted palm trees rush into view. Caesar’s penthouse suite…

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10 Bandcamp Releases to Buy Today in Support of the ACLU

God bless Bandcamp. Today, the beloved DIY-empowering online music database is donating 100% of their profit share to the ACLU (American Civil…

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Zachary Gray - Night Hustle LP
Zachary Gray – Night Hustle

SBVRSV Press is proud to announce that we are the official press representatives of Zachary Gray’s “Night Hustle” LP (released via A…

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Così e Così - Galleria
Così e Così – Galleria

Whilst proselytizing agnostics overseas, the unmoved mover known as No Exist bridges time and space with a ‘slanted’ take on boom-bap. “Galleria” revitalizes…

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