PREMIERE: dybbuk – Station Orchid

The Montréal-based label Causal Chain releases a track from their forthcoming compilation.


Causal Chain is a Montreal-based label, run by DJ/producer laced, with a focus on excavating the uncharted territories of bass and left-field club music. Following the release of their debut compilation and an EP from xozgk, CC is prepping a sophomore compilation release for June 4.

Today, SBVRSV is premiering the first track from that release, dybbuk’s “Station Orchid.” Based in Bruges, Belgium, dybbuk is a DJ/producer schooled in the traditions of bass music, jungle and club culture. His soundscapes are set in a dark and distorted realm where slivers of light peak through the cracks. “Station Orchid” is a splashy acousmatic bass tumbler that launches the listener headlong into the caverns of noise and rhythm that reverberate throughout the compilation. Listen below:

VA [CC003] will be released via Bandcamp on June 4 and includes contributions from: DivPro, Persuasion, laced, DJ Suzmo, J. Albert, Amselysen, Bénédicte & many more. Pre-order here.

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