PREMIERE: Softmatter – Morphe

The Montréal-based producer releases the second single from her upcoming EP for Infinite Machine.


Last year, Montréal’s Softmatter emerged as a dynamic, new force in the sphere of post-club music with her stellar debut EP Muscle PerformanceNow, she’s poised to breakout with her follow-up Hyle, set for release Aug. 27 on Mexico City-based label Infinite Machine.

Today, we premiere the EP’s second single & centrepiece “Morphe” – a dense amalgam of kinetic rhythms, pulsing bass and mutated vocals. It’s a bold step forward for Softmatter who has adopted a new approach to vocal-club integration, not far off from Aïsha Devi’s ‘aetherave’ sound or Meuko! Meuko!’s sino-futurist production. While Softmatter furthers the new spirituality and dancefloor mysticism of these artists, she treads new territories of club experimentalism, paving the way for future iterations of the style.

Hyle is out 27/08/21 on Infinite Machine. Pre-order it here.

Softmatter will be performing live for the 22nd edition of MUTEK Montréal on Aug. 25. More info here.

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