PREMIERE: Kindohm – Superimposition

The live-coder/producer releases a new track from his forthcoming album for NYC-based label International Winners.


The Minneapolis-based experimental producer and live-coding performer Kindohm preps a new release for the NYC-based label International Winners. Entitled Internet Recluse, the release sees Kindohm further exploring the nether-reaches of his algorave-inspired sound design.

Today, we premiere “Superimposition,” a track from the release that lingers at the peripheries of IDM, glitch, techno and grime. Skittering, off-kilter drum hits, severe synth stabs and spacious reverb form an amalgam of sonic data that slips in and out of formal musical structures. Listen in full below:

Internet Recluse is out 08/07/21 on International Winners. Pre-order it here.


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