VIDEO PREMIERE: Bride – Spiral Harness

The Berlin-based artist shares a new video for their track from SBVRSV's "Epilogue" compilation.


The mystifying artist known as Bride shares a new video for their track “Spiral Harness,” released last week as part of our Epilogue compilation.

Directed and edited by Milo MF, the video makes use of surveillance footage to create a patchwork of everyday scenes: a street corner farewell, tourists taking photographs, vendors hawking their wares. Underscored by the noisy rumblings and distorted frequencies of Bride’s production, these voyeuristic images take on a particularly unnerving quality. This is further heightened around the halfway mark when a temporal shift occurs and the footage reverses playback.

Scenes of crowds and traffic rewind in rapid sequence as an ominous tremolo riff creeps into the mix. Approaching the track’s conclusion, we return to the same street corner that opened the video but cars now move in reverse. Then, as if capturing an apparition, the camera slowly zooms in on a grainy, veiled figure walking forwards before abruptly cutting to black, leaving the viewer with the eerie feeling that they have just witnessed a paranormal phenomenon. Watch below:

Epilogue is available to stream/download here


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