YlangYlang: An Orphic Voyager of the Fourth World

Traversing the path of self-discovery is a herculean effort, something YlangYlang knows very well. Listening through the Hamilton-based solo artist’s catalogue of introspective…

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Leucrocuta: A Maverick Pop Innovator of Mythic Proportions

The music of Leucrocuta sounds uncanny in the sense that it feels familiar yet mysterious and arcane. You could describe it as ‘synth-pop’ or ‘darkwave’…

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Midyear Report: The Subversive Sounds of Toronto 2K17

As we find ourselves accelerating through another cycle of seasons in an oblivious world that seemingly has far outlasted its expiry date,…

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CARES – Coping Strategies

In a high-rise somewhere far removed from the matrix of psychosocial disarray, a man reclines on a chaise longue. The door locks…

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Zachary Gray - Night Hustle LP
Zachary Gray – Night Hustle

SBVRSV Press is proud to announce that we are the official press representatives of Zachary Gray’s “Night Hustle” LP (released via A…

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