The Mexico City-based netlabel DNTFCK releases a track from the Argentinean producer's forthcoming debut.


DNTFCK is a Mexico City-based netlabel managed by DJ/producers Zurvolt and César Ch that aims to “push the boundaries of club music.” Over the last three years, the label has provided a platform for independent, often relatively unknown producers to showcase their work through mixes, radio shows and releases. DNTFCK’s M.O. is built around underground talent scouting and a community-focused, grassroots approach to promotional support.

The latest DNTFCK release is the debut album of Argentinean multi-disciplinary artist KRXNX, entitled Testimonios Desde El Abismo. With a background in punk, visual arts and programming, KRXNX has developed a post-club sound that bears traces of IDM, ambient, industrial and dembow. Testimonios alternates between spiky, percussion-heavy tracks and more affective, vocal-led tracks. “Horas” is one of the latter, its serene synth leads and subdued dembow rhythms underpinning a hymnal refrain that calls to mind the stripped-down vocal treatments of Arca’s self-titled album. It embodies a headspace of reverie and desolation that speaks deeply to our current global climate. Stream it below:

Testimonios Desde El Abismo is out 04/05/20 on DNTFCK.

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