E-Saggila: A Covert Forerunner of Toronto’s Techno Underground


E-Saggila needs little introduction. Over the course of a few years, the Toronto-based noise/industrial techno producer has quietly gained a large following within the underground club scene at home and abroad. Nevertheless, she seems largely unconcerned with image and more invested in making an impact with her hard-hitting brand of dark, atmospheric techno. Following top-notch releases on the cassette imprint she co-runs with Max SK, Summer Isle, the prolific UK-based Opal Tapes and more recently, Bank Records NYC, E-Saggila has solidified her status as the secret weapon of Toronto’s techno underground.

In advance of her performance alongside Rabit, Felix Pierrot, CARES & Hexzuul this Friday at The Baby G, E-Saggila provided us with some insight into her craft.


Your music blends elements of noise music with techno, how do the two genres inform or relate to each other?

I think I’ve just found a comfortable middle ground for myself in blending the two together and from being familiar with them both for a while now. I’ve dealt more with noise and industrial before I started this project and co-running Summer Isle along with that has helped with the progress. I have a habit of playing around with different sub-genres of electronic music through E-Saggila and a couple of other projects I’ve worked on as well.

Has the city of Toronto influenced your sound at all? Do you feel supported by the experimental and underground scenes here?

I wouldn’t say that Toronto has influenced my sound as much, but some aspects of it has definitely helped me in gaining more of a presence here. I definitely owe a lot of that to Cindy Li (CL) for putting me on so many amazing shows as well as spreading the word around in general and I can never thank her enough for that.

In your view, what does it mean to be subversive?

Doing you, getting more black and brown people on bills, starting a tape label, playing on a laptop.


Click here to buy tickets for E-Saggila w/ Rabit, Felix Pierrot, Hexzuul & CARES @ The Baby G.

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