High In Las Vegas – To Live and High In Las Vegas


Flying high above the strip, we are immortal. Limitless possibility becomes real as implanted palm trees rush into view. Caesar’s penthouse suite beckons with promises of sexual liberation, winning big and bottomless Jagerbombs. Nobody can resist.

Now that the crew’s all here, it’s time to get energized. Pour up, throw down and get loose. Fantasies of the night to come dance before our minds. The Hangover is but a far off whisper, drowned out by the joyful chorus of a million slot machines.

The adrenaline kicks in and it’s time to roll. A toast to Michael and the last day of his free life. Forget your trifles and live for every moment! Only the ultimate enjoyment can save a marriage. After the strippers arrive, our night devolves into debauched perfection. The stories will remain forever in our vault of memories, never to escape. This is Vegas as concept, as embodiment of the male fantasy, as homoerotic camaraderie. Buds forever ❤️

High In Las Vegas will be performing as HUSTLE FLESH for the first SBVRSV showcase in Toronto. Stay tuned for the official announce.

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