PREMIERE: ASJ, Désiré, Kelvin T, Thegn & Tommy Moisi – Pumped Up Hash

The open source label/collective Club Late Music release a massive collab track from their forthcoming 'TINNITVS' compilation.


Over the past 5 years, the Paris via London label & collective Club Late Music have been effectively stimulating collaboration and connectivity within the global electronic music underground. Their ‘open source’ framework for releasing music has yielded a number of interesting projects, challenging proprietary models of curation and distribution. In a time when community support is imperative to the survival of the independent music economy, Club Late Music are a leading source of inspiration and optimism.

To celebrate their 5-year anniversary, CLM are releasing a compilation featuring 24 artists fr0m more than a dozen different countries across 12 tracks. Entitled TINNITVS, the release spans a variety of different styles, including atmospheric breakbeat, old school rave, deconstructed club, IDM and more. Keeping in the ‘open source’ spirit, CLM are making the stems of each track available for anyone to use as they please. With this, their intention is to perpetuate the evolution of the tracks through remixes and re-works.

Today, we premiere the compilation’s first single “Pumped Up Hash,” a massive, cross-continental collaboration between ASJ, Désiré, Kelvin T, Thegn and Tommy Moisi. The track is an extended interpolation of Foster the People’s infamous 2010 single “Pumped Up Kicks.” The 5 artists effectively shred all traces of the original, excepting the hook, and swap indie dance sensibilities for accelerated club dynamics.

The track’s whopping 11-minute runtime allows for each artist to toy with different sonic motifs. While Kelvin T’s signature heavy bass kicks and ASJ’s sino-futurist pop experimentation can be distinguished in the mix, there is no clear delineation between each artist’s contribution. “Pumped Up Hash” is a prime example of collaboration under the Club Late Music schema – effortless yet genuine, playful yet intense.

TINNITVS is out 14/10/20 on Club Late Music.

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