PREMIERE: ava* – Blush

Absurd TRAX releases a new album from the Berlin-based producer/sound artist.


ava*’s Blush feels like an operatic retelling of fragmented memories. The Berlin-based artist’s foray into production features a hypnotic blend of beautiful choral synths with purposeful inserts of field recordings that puncture through the drone. The result is an album full of detailed atmospheres that are dreamy, dramatic and deeply personal. Blush is patient and methodical, constantly demanding the attention of the listener as it twists and transforms out of expected sonic trajectories. Warped melodic idiosyncrasies, drawn out to the point where time itself seems to move slower, can be met with cute keyboard chords supporting a sweet alien lead synth within an instant. It is in these sudden shifts that we truly appreciate the minutiae of the world ava* is building. Blush exists in its own time, and we are graciously invited to experience it together.

by Oscar Chiu.

Blush is out tomorrow on Absurd Trax. Pre-order it herePreviously, ava* released her project, Juice, on Dark Jinja.

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