PREMIERE: CANDIE – Trauma Trilogía

The Buenos-Aires-based label TRRUENO releases a new EP from multi-disciplinary artist CANDIE.


TRRUENO is a growing network of multimedia artists based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that includes experimental club producers Astrosuka, Bungalovv and CANDIE, among several others. Today, they are releasing CANDIE’s latest EP Trauma Trilogía, a tripartite offering of club tracks that serve as sonic manifestations of CANDIE’s personal traumas.

The inspiration for the EP developed out of a therapy session, wherein CANDIE’s therapist suggested she externalize her traumas through an artistic medium. CANDIE chose to produce an EP based on this suggestion, crafting each track with a distinct personal trauma in mind. The result is three tracks of emotionally-affective club production featuring juddering bass kicks and stormy synth leads. A sense of deterioration pervades throughout the EP as we move through the unwavering rhythms of “Certeza” into the foreboding hum of “Deserxion” and finally, the tumultuous throttle of “Intimo Engendro.”

Stream Trauma Trilogía above and purchase it via TRRUENO’s Bandcamp here.

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