PREMIERE: Code Walk – Clock

The Danish duo release a single from the first installment in a triptych EP release for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion.


Copenhagen’s Code Walk return to Peder Mannerfelt’s label for an ambitious triptych EP release entitled Phases, the first installment of which, Separate, is set to arrive on September 14th. This will be the emerging duo’s second release for the inimitable Swedish DJ/producer’s imprint, following last year’s impressive Distance.

With the Phases trilogy, Code Walk further develop their style of high-BPM techno and bass-oriented, after-hours club mystique. Coming out of a Danish underground scene that has produced such talents as Schacke, Rune Bagge & Mama Snake, Code Walk find themselves leading a second wave of fast techno from Copenhagen. Phases comes complete with visual works by Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen that complement the abstract qualities of Code Walk’s sound design. Jørgensen’s esoteric oil paintings and clay sculptures feature alongside an ominous figure with a hubcap for a head in the trailer for Phases. Watch it below.

Today, we premiere the lead single from the project. “Clock” is a propulsive techno cut in the 150 BPM range that features a thick bassline, bleep FX and shadowy atmospherics. A recurring vocal sample floats in and out of the mix, accenting the relentless 4/4 rhythm. “Clock” serves as a prime example of Code Walk’s distinct style of fast techno. While the duo certainly take cues from their Danish peers, they don’t shy away from other styles of dance music. One can hear elements of UK bass music, hardcore, breakbeat and industrial throughout Separate and the Phases triptych. Stream “Clock” below.

The first edition of the Phases EP triptych, Separate, is out 14/09/20 on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion. Pre-order it here.

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