Air Max '97's DECISIONS imprint release a new track from their forthcoming compilation release.


The producer known as Air Max ’97 has been running the DECISIONS label since 2015, releasing his own work as well as a tightly curated selection of club-adjacent music from various artists. This year marks the 5 year anniversary of the label and to celebrate, Air Max is releasing a compilation featuring 15 tracks of “carefully orchestrated chaos by family, friends and new faces.” Contributing artists such as Laughing Ears, Yre Den, Isomov, Oroboro, DJ Plead, SCAM and Avbvrn will be familiar to followers of DECISIONS via their previous releases on the label.

Today, we premiere the track “Stealth” from Melbourne-based producer CORIN, who, despite not releasing on DECISIONS prior, has been a long-time friend of the label. She is no stranger to the global club music scene either as her full-length ‘cyberpunk’ masterwork for Bedouin Records, “Manifest,” made quite the impression on left-field electronic listeners last year.

On “Stealth,” CORIN layers sinister sub-bass frequencies over bleak atmospheric drone and clipped drum patterns. She builds the track from the ground up, steadily adding percussive elements cloaked in reverb to re-create the sound of industrial clangor. Just after the 2-minute mark, the track reaches its climax as the shadowy ambience is suddenly enveloped by a 4/4 kick. Now in dark techno territory, CORIN lets the beat play out for the remainder of the track, closing “Stealth” out strong.

Consequences is out 23/10/20 on DECISIONS. Pre-order it here.

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