PREMIERE: Finalversion3 – Artificial Miscegenation [GTX-003]

The upstart Spanish label Gordo Trax releases a new track from the techno producer's forthcoming "Human CPU" EP.


The recently inaugurated Spanish label Gordo Trax specializes in techno releases from unknown artists. Their 3rd and latest release comes from label manager Finalversion3. Entitled Human CPU, the EP release explores the dialogue between machines and humans as a “sonorous reflexion about the future of the species.” On lead track “CPU Dialogue,” Finalversion3 synthesizes cyber-kinetic elements of rhythm and pulse, creating a tension between mechanistic and primitive forms of expression.

On “Artificial Miscegenation” we hear a shift from “robotic coldness” to “the warmth of human skin.” The track figures a throbbing 4/4 techno rhythm that underscores deep, cavernous reverberations akin to the warehouse techno styles of Orphx or Boston 168. Finalversion3 blurs the line between industrial and acid on “Artifical Miscegenation,” inviting the listener to inhabit a liminal space where humans and machines assimilate.

Human CPU is out 12/05/20 on Gordo Trax. Purchase it here.


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