PREMIERE: First Circle – Shout

The UK-based drill producer releases a new track from their upcoming self-titled EP for Endgame's Precious Metals imprint.


London hybrid club DJ/producer Endgame looks to close out 2020 on a strong note with a second release via his Precious Metals imprint. An extension of his NTS show of the same name, Precious Metals launched earlier this year with the release of Severin Glance’s Caveat.

After a brief pause to focus on his collaborative EP with DÆMON – released last month via Infinite Machine – Endgame re-assumes the role of label-head for the release of a self-titled 4-tracker from South London-based artist First Circle.

Described as a “blistering and vital rush of corrosive synths, metal guitar riffs and booming basslines,” the EP sees the producer innovating trademarks of the UK drill genre. Crisp snare hits, rolling hi-hats and 808 sub-bass accent ominous and atmospheric melodic patterns, creating a sonic environment that is equal parts fierce and reflective. Album closer “Shout” tends more to the latter with its delicate, emotive piano refrain, skittering percussion and warped bass. Stream below:

First Circle is out 11/12/20 on Precious Metals. Pre-order it here.

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