PREMIERE: Fresh Crisis – Waiting to Live

London, UK eccentric renders a hi-def new release.


What fresh crisis is this? A new track from the UK artist née Prosper Unger-Hamilton has surfaced online. “Waiting to Live” is a mechanistic exercise in emotional emancipation that condenses the grieving process into 3 minutes of accelerationist club contortions. The track feels maximalist in the best sense of the term; its sputtering bass revs recall Ballardian vehicular fantasies while the warped synth leads simulate sci-fi score motifs and overwrought CGI artifice.

Evidently, 3D animation has had a major influence on the Fresh Crisis project. In fact, Unger-Hamilton works as a filmmaker/animator by day and they approach their music in a similar fashion to their work. Fresh Crisis’ music bears the characteristics of 3D renders in that it “blends synthetic and organic phenomena that are at once euphoric, abject and domestic.” As such, Crisis’ music sits somewhere within the plane of the uncanny valley-an aural reproduction of sensory stimulation and engineered emotion. Listen to “Waiting to Live” below.

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