PREMIERE: Hard Fantasy – Hard Relate

The London-based producer releases a new track from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP for UK label Hi-NRG.


Following releases from Diessa, B:Thorough and Illumination Boiz, UK label Hi-NRG close out the year with a stellar 4-track EP from London-based club producer Hard Fantasy, arriving Dec. 18.

The self-titled EP is the artist’s debut release, coming on the heels of their heavy-hitting contribution to Edited Arts’ Endorphins¬†compilation. The EP was written “during a period of inertia, trapped in a stasis, feeling unable or unsure how to progress, and the music reflects the heightened levels of anxiety and paranoia that came with that.” Their production style on the release is characterized by a “dense mesh of janky riffs, industrial atmospherics, piercing sirens and rusted machine-like percussion.”

The artist also notes that their intent with the release is to “pay respects to the sorely missed experiences of the dancefloor, whilst taking the tropes of club music and bending them to a point of no definite origin, making music that felt rooted less in genre convention and instead guided by a freer approach to rhythmic intent.” Stream the EP’s opening track “Hard Relate” below:

Hard Fantasy is out 18/12/20 on Hi-NRG. Pre-order it here.

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