Milan's REALIA releases the third EP from the joint project of Elvin Brandhi & Bashar Suleiman.


The Welsh producer and vocalist Elvin Brandhi has found a kindred spirit in Bashar Suleiman, a Palestinian MC/producer currently based in Jordan. Already accomplished experimental artists in their own right, the two decided to join forces as INSIN when they met in Cairo last year. Their work together has been incredibly fruitful, as today, they release their third EP of 2019. After releases on Cairo-based label Hizz and Vienna’s AMEN, the duo turn to the upstart Milan-based label REALIA for their latest release entitled Inisint.

The EP picks up where INSIN left off on the excellent Insincerity, all warped, drugged-out production and the prosaic, pitch-shifted mutterings of Suleiman. REALIA tags the duo as ‘trapcore’, a sort of nebulous term that speaks to the hip-hop tendencies of their sound. Suleiman has a background in trip-hop production while Brandhi has dabbled in improvised noise and field recordings. When the two come together, they create a sound that is distinctly their own, equally informed by noise and rap. The track “Joust” is perhaps the purest distillation of their sound to date, featuring stuttering beats, synthesized flute, abberant sampling and Suleiman’s trademark alien mumble-rap.

An amorphous, avant-punk attitude pervades throughout Inisint. It’s clear that Brandhi and Suleiman are in a zone and don’t give a fuck what you think. INSIN move through styles, boundaries and worlds with ease, leaving us all in their wake.

Inisint includes remixes from Labyrinth Body, Wisecrack w/ Enjoyable Music and Blue Plastic. Purchase it via REALIA’s Bandcamp here.

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