PREMIERE: RougeHotel – UnevenStructure [SC011]

The Swiss producer releases the closing track from their new EP for Stranacorpus.


The latest release from upstart Swiss producer RougeHotel sits at the intersection of dubstep, trap and club music. It’s a sound that they have developed over the course of two years and three releases for the Geneva-based imprint Stranacorpus. After forays in left-field hip-hop and hybrid trance, they arrive in 2020 with the chrome-plated club environments of PostSyncMatriste.

As evidenced by the album artwork’s 3D renderings, RougeHotel melds the aesthetics of industrial futurism with pastoral splendor. In sonic terms, this manifests in heavy, metallic beats that give way to flourishes of organic instrumentation and poignant synth arrangements. On PostSyncMatriste, RougeHotel invites the listener into their world…a world where butterflies and heavy duty machinery cohabitate in harmony.

PostSyncMatriste is out now on Stranacorpus. Download it here.

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