PREMIERE: Sabiwa – My Doom Lady

The Taiwanese audio/visual artist releases the second single from her forthcoming album 'DaBa.'


The state between sleep and wakefulness, otherwise known as hypnagogia, is a phenomenon that can induce hallucinations and lucid dreaming. In this state, the lines between reality and the dream-world become blurred. On Sabiwa’s upcoming sophomore album for the Asian diaspora collective/label CHINABOT, the Berlin-based, Taiwanese artist explores the parallels between hypnagogia and virtual reality through the medium of electronic production and sound art. She employs processed vocal loops, rhythmic glitches and textural atmospherics to evoke tensions between fantasy and reality, seduction and repulsion, technology and humanity. As she explains it, “DaBa is the blurred moment when I wake up from a dream…and I don’t understand if it is me or not.”

Today, we are premiering the album’s second single, entitled “My Doom Lady.”

DaBa is the follow-up to Sabiwa’s debut album 輪 迴, released last year on CHINABOT. Her approach, which pairs traditional Southeast Asian musical forms with contemporary experimental sound design, fits perfectly within the scope of CHINABOT’s mission. The label’s aim is to “change the dialogue surrounding Asian music” which they achieve by showcasing Asian artists all over the world who are creating innovative, forward-thinking sounds that challenge pre-conceived notions of what “Asian music” sounds like.

DaBa will be released October 2nd digitally and on limited vinyl LP. View the teaser below and pre-order the album here.

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