The Leipzig-based interdisciplinary platform/publication Cime release a track from their forthcoming compilation.


Cime is a new platform merging music, design, visual arts and other creative practices based in Leipzig, Germany. Next week, they launch with the release of a print magazine centred around the theme of escape. The issue features various contributions from creatives working at the “nexus between progressive art and political action” including an exclusive article on oppression, revolution and the end of bourgeois thought.

To accompany the magazine, Cime are releasing a sampler compilation of production works from sixteen different artists. One of such artists is Los Angeles’ Séverine – a rising DJ/producer with a knack for poptimist blends and editsTheir contribution to the Cime Sampler is an original production entitled “NXTSTEP” that builds an ethereal, angelwave aesthetic around a Kaskade sample. The convergence of emo-folk, dream-pop and soft trance on the track makes for a sublime listening experience – Séverine’s soaring synth melodies and submerged vocal samples float through the speakers like wisps of cloud vapour.

Cime Issue 001 + sampler is out 07/11/20. Pre-order it here.

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