PREMIERE: silént phil & Waveform Bat – Quantix [SEED02]

Club Late Music unveil the latest installment in their SEED series.


The Paris via London netlabel Club Late Music launched their GUN (Global URL Nation) Project just over a year ago with the goal of facilitating collaborations between artists and producers across the globe. One key facet of the GUN Project is an open-source ideology that allows artists to share stems and projects across platforms without imposed constraints. The result of this project is SEED –  a series of individual tracks that are the result of a spontaneous association between two or more members of the Global URL Nation.

The 2nd installment in the SEED series comes from Russian experimental producers silént phil and Waveform Bat. The track, entitled “Quantix,” sees the artists indulge in mutated bass, stuttering beats and synthetic, glitch dynamics. Their maximalist production design is clearly informed by cyberpunk aesthetics and techno-accelerationist principles, as evidenced by Hornusstudio’s vivid, 3D-rendered machine cover artwork. “Quantix” feels like an ‘error’ in the best sense possible. As the rhythm track dissipates around the half-way mark, a robotic voice declares “total failure” before silent phil  & Waveform Bat unleash an onslaught of distorted bass and garbled machine data, calling to mind the overblown dubstep breakdowns of the early 2010s. Although the two producers’ style embodies maximalist tropes, their execution of this is subtle, tactful and as rigorous as a machine.

“Quantix” is out now on Club Late Music. Download it here.

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