PREMIERE: Simon Thomas – Wires / Ache

The Toronto-based producer/singer-songwriter releases a stark and vulnerable new single.


The new single from Toronto-based producer/singer-songwriter Simon Thomas conveys a doe-eyed sincerity that can only come from cold, sleepless nights spent alone with one’s thoughts. On the starkly personal A-side “Wires,” he croons “all of this will fade away” over a skeletal beat and ethereal atmospherics, arriving as a sober acknowledgment of transience. And yet, we get a sense of yearning for something more meaningful as he warbles “I know it hurts to love and I don’t wanna hurt you.” This carries over onto the instrumental B-side “Ache,” an emotive come-down track that translates feelings of intense longing into ambient sound textures and misty rave synths.

Stream “Wires / Ache” below and purchase it on Bandcamp here.

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