PREMIERE: Sub Accent – The Passenger

The French producer releases a new album on Toronto left-field techno label Kikimora Tapes.


Kikimora Tapes, the boutique techno label managed by Tony Boggs, is arguably the most underrated and overlooked label in Toronto. The enigmatic Boggs, who records under the pseudonym Unfollow, launched the label in 2015 with the release of his ironically titled debut “Zero Likes.” Since then, he has quietly released some incredible records from a choice selection of underground producers that blur the boundaries between techno, noise, ambient and industrial. Highlights include German Army’s druggy and disjointed “FUNAI”, Unfollow’s brutalist techno 12″ single “Blader Hater” and the minimalist, lo-fi noir of Penelope’s Fiance’s “Nostalgia.”

Today, we are premiering a track and video from the latest Kikimora Tapes release: “Contemplative Ceremony,” an album of deep, dub-inflected techno from the French artist Sub Accent, labelhead of Accents Records. The track, entitled “The Passenger,” illustrates rolling landscapes with muted drum pads, cerebral dub atmospherics and brush strokes of acid synth leads. The accompanying video depicts the sound in filtered snapshots of industrial and natural settings, alike.

“Contemplative Ceremony” is now available to purchase on tape/digital here.

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